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Spirit Arts Dance Society Handbook

Fees and Costs

Fee and Costs

Due Dates:
  • Monthly Fees for the year are due by October 31st.  Several payment options exist:

    • All fees paid by October 31st
    • Two payments for the year constituting of a Cheque dated October 30th for an amount equivalent to fees from October through December as well as a cheque dated January 1 for the remaining four months of dance. 
    • Seven post-dated monthly cheques.
    • All fees must be paid in full by October 31st of each year, or other arrangements made directly with the treasurer.  A $50.00 penelty will be assessed to late fees.

  • Costume deposit
    • $50 per dance

  • Bond Cheque
    • A $200.00  bond cheque dated for May 1st, must be handed in to the treasurer by October 31st.

  • Festival fees will be included with the Dance fees.  They can be paid by the same payment plan as class fees. 

  • Fees for solos and duets are always  the responsibility of the dancer(s), but will be submitted with group fees for easier administration.  Invoices will be sent to dancers for festival fees.


  • Monthly fees will not be refunded after a month has begun.  You must notify your child's instructor  AND the dance society executive prior to the beginning of a month if your child will be withdrawing from a class.  Withdrawal will not be official until the Treasurer has been notified.  A refund may be given for all remaining months in the season if the choreography has not yet been set, however a refund will not be given for the month in which the dancer has already attended a class.  Costume fees will not be refunded once costumes have been ordered.


Costumes are chosen by the instructor of each class and prices may vary depending on the type of costume and where it is being ordered from.  Some years fundraising efforts have allowed the society to purchase the costumes on loan for the dancers.

  •  A $50.00 deposit is collected for each costume before costumes are ordered.
  • Dancers will not receive costumes until all fees have been collected.
  • Costume fees will not be refunded once costumes have been ordered.

Dance Photos

Each year the society schedules a professional photo shoot for solo and group pictures.  All dancers need to participate in the group photos for each of their dances.  Purchasing photos is optional.  Dates and locations for photos will be announced in January.  They usually take place in March.

  • Information on make-up will be distributed
  • Dancers need to arrive half an hour before their photo time.


Each year our dancers participate in several festivals.  Festivals provide dancers with many valuable experiences including:

  •  feedback on technique and expression from dance professionals
  • experience with stage performance
  • meeting and watching other dancers
  • inspiration for future dances
  • creating a team spirit both within groups and the society

Whenever fundraising efforts have allowed, the society has covered fees for dance festivals.  However, if our funds do not cover the festival fees, each dancer will be sent an invoice for this fee.  The fee averages out to around $25.00 - $30.00 per festival/per dance. Fees for solos and duets are the responsibility of the dancers and an invoice will be provided.

Please note that festivals are often held during the week as well as on weekends and may require dancers to miss some time from school.

Dress Code for Classes 

Dress code specifications are developed by the Sr. Instructor.  Dress codes are implemented so that teachers can watch for positioning and movement of muscles and limbs during instruction.  Safety and comfort are primary considerations.  Dancers who are not wearing proper dance wear may be asked to sit out of class.  

Ballet - Body suit, pink ballet tights, pink canvas ballet slippers.  Hair in bun with bangs out of face. 

Contemporary - form fitting, free moving clothing, hair and bangs back.

Creative Movement - body suit, ballet tights, pink ballet slippers, skirt (optional).  Hair out of face.

Hip Hop 1, 2 and 3 - dance appropriate top, sweat pants or shorts and non-scuff indoor running shoes. 

Jazz 1,2 and 3  - Body suit or form fitting free moving clothing, beige tights, beige jazz slippers (elastic preferred).  Hair in ponytail with bangs out of face.

Lyrical - form fitting,  free moving clothing, beige tights, beige jazz slippers.  Hair in bun or ponytail and bangs back.

Tap 1,2  - Body suit or form fitting free moving clothing, beige tights, black leather oxford style tap shoes (not shiney plastic).  Hair in ponytail and bangs back.

Tap 3,4- form fitting, free moving clothing (capris length max for pants), black leather oxford style tap shoes, hair and bangs back.

Class Expectations

Dancers should arrive for class 10 minutes early and be changed into their dancewear before class begins.

Dancers are expected to practice at home at least three times a week in order to keep up and improve their technique.

Consistent attendance is very important.  Dancers missing classes must inform their instructor in advance.  Instructors will be monitoring attendance on a regular basis (minimum of every two months) and will follow-up on trends in absenteeism before a dancer reaches three in a row or six in total because this number of absences can result in expulsion.

Dancers need to be picked up within 10 minutes of the end of their class.  Dancers remaining at the hall between classes are expected to behave appropriately.  Please respect the facility.

Parent watching night will be held on the last class of each month.  At that time, parents are invited to watch the final 5 minutes of class time during which students will demonstrate what they have been working on.

Parents with questions or concerns need to contact the dance executive by phone or e-mail.  Issues are not to be brought up during classtime. 

Dance Classes - Descriptions and Focus

Extra Work:  Solos and Duets

 New guidelines will be posted for the 2015-2016 Extra Work.  Application sheets will be given out to dancers interested in Solos and Duets in November.  AS we are limited in the number of extra work pieces that can be choreographed, not all requests for extra work will be accepted.  It will be at the discretion of the Dance Executive and Senior Instructors.  Guidelines will be given at the time applications come out.

The society has placed the following guidelines on extra work:

Ages 9 - 13 may participate in a maximum of two extra work pieces.

Ages 14+ may participate in a maximum of five extra work pieces.

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